x every day: onehundredfour

29 April 2008


Tired. Yoga in the middle of the day, then I ate my lunch and had to get a second lunch because I was starving. What does it mean to be so fiercely hungry after eating a meal? Even with the time it took to go down to the cafeteria, get food, and come back up-- I was ravenous. And I'm certainly not one to stand in the way of food.

After work I met Kathy at the Thurman St entrance to Leif Erickson for a run. Actually, I was super early and called my mom while I waited. We plan to go up to visit on Memorial Day weekend. After a great four mile run with Kathy, I went home, made some pasta, and we went out to the Nina Nastasia show at Mississippi Studios. Erik was still in his pajamas when I got home-- he said it was a pjs kind of day.

At the Studios, the guy at the door didn't know who would play first-- Nina played with David Karston Daniels, who sounded a bit like Magnolia Electric Company (which is pretty good). He played first. People kept leaving the door open (on the way out for a smoke?) so it was fuh-reezing in there. I still managed to start falling asleep. Now I'm ready to finish the job.