x every day: eightysix

27 March 2008


Kari and I skipped the gym to go shopping-- I need an actual swimsuit (to upgrade from my Walmart two-piece), although none were available at the employee store. I bought eye-searing green running shorts instead. We also went to Powell's and New Seasons, and endured both pounding hail and blinding sun. Whew. I worked a little late, because I was helping to create the internal website for the Eugene 2008 Olympic Trials. In exchange, I get to go for a day! I hope to see the women's hammer toss and a steeplechase. Y'know, the stranger events.

Erik and I went for a five mile walk, to see the cherry blossoms and take photos. It turned out to take nearly three hours, and we both got a bit tired (and yes, cranky). Will this tire me out enough to sleep? We'll see.