x every day: eightyseven

28 March 2008


(Had to knock the time back by an hour)
It was another gym-skipped day, which probably hurts me deep in the part of myself that is addicted to the newly-proven runner's high. I mean that jokingly, because I've felt few bouts of euphoria during running. I do feel antsy not working out, but my pleasure from exercise is more of a satisfaction at making it through something painful. If that makes sense.

Had a crazy day at work, projects coming back to haunt me with revisions all needed immediately. Of course I had planned a relaxing schedule with a pedicure and massage, after working late the previous days, working the entire previous weekend, and everyone else slacking for spring break week. I left work around 6:30pm to rush home and meet Chris & Shetha at the Maid in the Mist for dinner. From there we went to the Jose Gonzalez show, which was a relaxing trance. I am so tired right now. As ever, I suppose. When I pull the blankets over me, that sleepy feeling will leave me like a lover. I'm almost curious enough now to go find out.