x every day: seven

07 January 2008


I did a little bit of sewing prep work tonight: I cut out the pieces for octopus stuffie for Erik from four colors of felt. The background of the photo is the fabric for my upcoming new bag-- that's the wrong side of the exterior underneath everything, and three different fabrics for the interior (a girl's pinafore from a thrift store bought during a bag-fabric binge in 2003, a too-small dress I got on crazy sale seven years ago from a hip store in SF, and a generous piece of swiss dot from a well-organized thrift store on Whidbey Island).

I went to the half hour "Butts & Guts" class at the gym, and then a very intense yoga class right afterwards. That was a bit much, but I enjoyed some of the pain/breathing/enforced meditation of the deep, held positions.