x every day: six

06 January 2008


I took this yesterday (Saturday) after taking all of the decorations off the tree. I just stuck the camera right in and used the flash. I liked how it came out, but then I had a better photo for yesterday... Today we took the naked tree to be recycled, and we cleaned up its remnants, so today is the day to reminisce and be nostalgic for its passing.


Working (work working) in the nook on my new work laptop; on a strict time limit because it didn't come with a travel power cord. I got three hours out of the charge before I had to get up to go to the bathroom and get a drink. While I was sitting there, the sun burst through the thick clouds a handful of times, and I gazed through the window, up through the patio roof skylight at the blossoming cherry tree. You can see the blur caused by rain on the skylight, pooling at bottom right.

The photo was horrid, but applying the "cut out" filter made it more true-to-experience. I think I'll use this one more in the future.