x every day: eight

08 January 2008


I have a feeling that there will be quite a few of these same photos over the year.

I had a great day at work. I went for a run at lunch. I haven't been running as much, since I now have access to the gym. Running alone, especially, through Tualatin Hills Nature Park, in the rain and windy gusts from cars, was tough but refreshing. In the afternoon I had a meeting with my boss and determined that I really will be able to go to Las Vegas in March for a conference-- my first ever of those expensive network-y workshops for business. Vegas in March, with a coworker I like! I can't wait.

I left the office a bit early to meet two running buddies for a swim. It was the second time I've been since the sprint triathlon I did in July-- first time since August. It was incredibly tough, but I'm so glad that they scheduled the time, twice a week. I hope to do two tris this year.

Came home, made pizza for dinner. I'll have to start taking my camera in to work, so it's not just photos taken around the house. I already feel like I'm taking so many object photos, and I don't want this just to be about the things with which I interact.