x every day: nine

09 January 2008



One of those runaround days. Deadline at 10am. Things going wrong that have been in place for a while. A vendor lunch-- free sushi! Lots of phone calls and immediate-attention needs. I got travel arrangements for a business conference in Las Vegas, which is thrilling. I haven't done business travel since 2001 or 2002. Running around, trying to grab at threads of things as they flit through my consciousness.

My boss, coworker and I went to a group weightlifting class which was okay, not great. Erik, Aspen, Tiffany, Josh and I went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant to talk about planning our trip to Japan. Oddly enough, our waiter had been and was most excited to write out the phonetics for "May I piss in your shitter?" said in proper, polite Japanese. I was pretty excited too. Doesn't get much more useful than that.