x every day: twohundredseventyfour

16 October 2008


I'm dangerously close to my boiling point. I think I said "Don't cross me" more than a few times today. I only say it if I really mean it.

We leave Saturday morning for San Francisco, but I won't be able to enjoy it til Sunday afternoon-- after a shower after the marathon. I want to but I haven't yet been able to search for some new shops to check out in the city. I don't just want to go to my same-old same-old, but for some reason I can't bring myself to really search. I guess I just don't have the mental bandwidth right now. So if you know of cool, unique, indie, vintage, cheap, or really eccentric stores, restaurants, cafes, parks, or locales in the Bay Area, let me know. Especially hats, non-leather shoes, or opportunities to pet cats. Or public stairways through gardens. Drop me a line.