x every day: twohundredseventyfive

17 October 2008


Work, shmurk. A massage from the guy who knows the Vulcan death grip. I left a little early to run from home to Erik's office downtown, with my camera and some essentials in a backpack. I wanted to get one last short run in, and it was absolutely gorgeous out today. Erik and I walked home slowly, taking photos all the way. We shared two vegan donuts at Voodoo, then walked past the Salmon Street Springs. We settled in to take some long exposures when suddenly the water stopped... And the jets completely changed. Finally back on the east side of the river, we walked past Potato Champion, which (of course) had new hours and didn't open for another seven minutes. We opted not to wait, planning to go to Bara for dinner. Once we got home, though, we decided to stay home and have veggie burgers and waffle fries. We watched "Zohan" while I worked on photos, and Erik fell asleep.