x every day: twohundredthree

06 August 2008


Three hours of (non-continuous) sleep, and I spent at least the morning shaking hands with insanity. Although I'd barely had a cup of half-caf, I buzzed.

Adam biked/Maxed out to my place of work, and we went for a run through Tualatin Hills Nature Park. We ate lunch at the cafeteria and lolled about a bit in the hot sun. It's odd to know someone so well from so long ago-- the parts that haven't changed click into place and it's a maze to find the pieces that are now different. The more things change, the more they stay the same &etc.

So I barely worked, and then I had an acupuncture appointment. Made a simple (faux) beef & broccoli for dinner, then Erik rode with me to work to snag my laptop so that I could come home and finish up my work for the day. I've taken some Chinese heart-calming herbs from my beloved acupuncturist, so we'll see how SleepWatch 2008 goes. Perhaps when one's insomnia acquires a name, that's when it's gone too far.