x every day: twohundredeleven

14 August 2008


Before I describe the events of the day, I'd like to describe how I came to return home tonight with a bag of knives. Well that's a bit misleading. I left the house with a bag of knives, too.

Recently I noticed that the Eastbank Farmers' Market has a guy who sharpens blades from the back of his van. He gave me his flyer/price list and assured me that he's there every week. This particular farmers' market is a pain to make, because it ends at 7pm (although it starts getting thin before that) and it coincides with First and Last Thursdays. The last time I went, I also forgot to bring any knives, scissors, or tools that needed sharpening. Well, not tonight. I made sure to wrap my two dullest, largest kitchen knives in paper so that no one would get cut. I also grabbed the only pair of garden pruners I could find, because they're so dull I could karate-chop a cleaner cut.

As I gathered everything together to get going-- the camera, its bag, my bag, my hat, sunglasses and paper-wrapped knives all clutched in my hands-- I started untangling the handles of a tote bag hanging on the coat rack. Thud. I kept going, needing the bag to dump the knives into. Thud. I looked down and saw a knife on the floor. Thud. A knife falling. The knives had slipped out of the poorly wrapped (and not secured) paper, and fallen just around my feet. Erik grabbed the paper and I finally got the tote bag loose.

After wandering the perimeter of the tiny lot of the farmers' market, I realized that the sharpener guy wasn't there. I guess it was too hot for him. I got a banana coconut cream popsicle, apiece of focaccia, a cup of carrot-ginger cold soup, and an onigiri. Then Erik and I went to see "Tropic Thunder," which was a surprisingly entertaining way to sit in airconditioning for two hours.