x every day: twohundred

03 August 2008


Don't answer yesterday's question.

I awoke at 6:30am. I tried to fall back asleep, but I finally got up around 7:30. Cleaned up the kitchen, etc. We spent the morning waiting for a friend from college, Matt Moffett, to call to meet up at the waffle cart. He didn't call til 12:30pm, by which time I had already gone a bit stir crazy and gone out to run errands. After waffles, Erik and I bought a nice mat cutter at an art supply store downtown. I've always wanted one and I have at least four large framing projects that have waited for custom-cut mats. Back home, I cut Erik's hair, worked in the yard, harvested green beans, beets, carrots (one dragon carrot and a handful of regular), a couple of peppers (not sure which kind-- one is red and two are pale yellow). We met Erik's family for dinner at Stickers to celebrate Erik's birthday, and after taking out the trash and trying to tidy up a bit for the person who cleans our house, I completed my proudest achievement of the day: the old raspberry canes are cut down and the new round are all freshly woven through the bamboo trellis. I can't wait for the next crop of berries!