x every day: onehundredsixtyseven

01 July 2008


For the second day in a row I woke up at exactly 6:30am, then decided to stay in bed the extra half an hour and fell deeply asleep til the alarm at 7. Ugh. It doesn't feel great. I had an eye doctor appointment at 9am, so I spent extra time putzing about this morning-- gardening (I planted eight things, although three of the plants are likely dead by now since I had them out for about two months), trying to hem Julie's shorts, etc. I was ten minutes late to the doctor's office and then I had to wait 40 minutes to see her for about five minutes. Ugh. The good news is that my left eye's scratched cornea is 90% better, so I'll be able to wear contacts (and sunglasses!) in another week or two.

Usual meetings and yoga class, blah blah. I rushed home and ran in the uncomfortable heat and mugginess-- yes, it's humid and brown-dusty-sky'd in Portland of all places-- to meet the LunaChix. As I ran up, I noticed that everyone else in on their bikes. So they all went for a ride, and I ran alone, without music, along the very sunny waterfront. I tried to push myself to do sprint intervals, but I'm not sure that I was running any faster when I tried. I also had to walk twice, and felt pretty miserable and out of breath by the time I got home.

I made pizza for dinner, watered two more garden beds, planted sunflower seeds and a large choisya, and then Erik and I went for a walk. I am exhausted.