x every day: onehundredseventytwo

06 July 2008


Went for a six miler today from Rebecca's house-- out on Willamette and back via Swan Island. I biked to Sweet Pea afterwards for the all-you-can-eat buffet, which today was waffles with three kinds of fruit sauce (strawberry, peach, apple-cinnamon, and coconut cream with pineapple and bananas. On the way there, one of my top fears was realized. I stopped for a light and couldn't remove my shoe from the pedal cage, and I toppled right over. It barely hurt at all, but it was quite embarrassing and I sprawled out into the entire right lane-- good thing there were no cars coming. Later, the wrist I fell on hurt with pressure applied. Luckily I have two.

Erik and I mostly did small house project tasks. I got a second water pot and fountain up and running. Planted a few things. Painted the dining room window sills-- I had scraped them to level for Erik to screw window locks onto. Also painted the quarter-round for the porch trim. Cory came over for us to demold. Erik's Mr Burns came out amazing, and my snail is pretty rad for all that you cannot see the little metal lathe scraps I sprinkled in.

I picked lots of raspberries, made dinner (gnocchi and smoked "duck" in cream sauce with herbs and chard from the garden), and when Chris showed up with a bag of pants for Erik, we walked him home. Shetha loaned me her older DSLR-- a Canon D10-- as well as two lenses and a fun makeshift battery charger (a video camera). I can't wait to try it out. Perhaps surprisingly, my camera has many of the same features.

When we got home, the second of my worst fears was realized-- a chunk of my tooth is missing. It's the far back bottom left tooth, which had a facing applied to it a year or so ago. Last time I went to the dentist, the facing had pushed out, causing a rough edge that worried my tongue. They ground it down for me, but in the past few weeks it's happened again. Well, no longer-- it's just gone. The hole left feels sizable, since they have to grind the tooth down to give space for enough of the material to adhere. I'm not so sure I want to go back to that dentist, but I do have an appointment coming up in about a month. It's doubtful that I'll get around to anything before that.

So on a relaxed final day of a rather long and peaceful weekend, two of the things that scare me most happened, and they weren't even so bad. Hm.