x every day: onehundredseventyeight

12 July 2008


Got up late, stiff and sore. After eating a banana, Shetha and I went on a bit of a trail run, which lifted my spirits tremendously. Then I tried to take a shower at the campground's restrooms. The water was dribbly and freezing; there was a sign on one wall-- not the wall with the showerhead and water controls-- with a sign that read "3 minutes," but as I had just waited ten minutes and was already naked with all of my stuff hung up on hooks, I didn't feel like walking back to the campsite to find money.

Erik, Shetha and I drove to the little convenience store while Shetha pointed out the park's sights. Erik and I walked to Benson Beach, nearest the campiste, which was unbelievably, unpleasantly windy. We then drove to Waikiki Beach but had to park further down the road and enjoyed the view from there. After lunch, Erik, his dad and I walked from Waikiki Beach up to the Interpretive Center, since the rest of the trail to the lighthouse was closed for Coast Guard training activities. Erik and I went for a walk with Andrew on Benson Beach. It wasn't particularly scenic but we had some adventures with our nephew. Erik's mom caught up with up, and we all walked back for a dinner of vegan sloppy joes generously made by Shetha. It was around 8pm by the time Erik and I packed up and left; we took a different route back through Astoria that only took two hours.