x every day: onehundredseventy

05 July 2008


Woke up too early, picked up Donna, ate breakfast at the Daily Market, hung out at my house for a bit, then drove down to Cory's grandpa's house in Beavercreek to pour resin into our molds. I enjoyed hanging out and jumping on the trampoline. After dropping Donna off, we lay about the house for a while, watching "Be Kind Rewind" til we biked downtown with Shetha to watch the fireworks from the top of a nine-storey parking garage. Afterwards, Erik and I went to Holocene to dance to a DJ we previously enjoyed, but it was oddly empty (due, perhaps, to the rockin' party in the empty building across the street) so we went to the food carts nearest our house to eat poutine and to share a vegan Cap'n Crunch shake. We didn't go back to Holocene, but came home instead to relax.