x every day: onehundredsixtyone

25 June 2008


I woke up, for some reason, at 5am. Couldn't get back to sleep. Got up extra early, in case my brother-in-law had responded to my message from last night about biking in to work. He hadn't. Erik and I picked up for the house-cleaner.

I ran an exhausting speed workout at lunch, and went to the year-end meeting and after party. Drove home through bad traffic-- although not as bad as yesterday-- and ate before driving back over to Julie's and then to Seasons and Regions for Cory, Courtney, and Julie to have dinner. Erik ate another meal, too. It's Courtney's last day, and hard to see her go. I wish that she could stay and acclimate to the lack of poisonous snakes and rampant recycling.