x every day: onehundredsixty

24 June 2008


It was "one of those days," although this evening I learned that someone had it a lot worse than myself. I spent most of the day tracking down my boss' order of tshirts from American Apparel, for the conference she's coordinating through tomorrow. I went to meet Cory and Wenchie at my favorite fabric store, but traffic was so bad that it took me twice as long as I estimated to get there-- an hour and a half for 14 miles, as I took a slightly longer way around in a vain attempt to avoid traffic. The vast majority of stores on Alberta are open from 11am- 6pm, begging the question: Just who is able to shop at these places? Spending time with Wenchie and Cory is always its own reward, though. We had a drink at Mash Tun, walked around, ate pizza at Bella Faccia, and tried to have dessert at Star E Rose. The barista must've also had one of those days.