x every day: onehundredfiftyfour

18 June 2008


I rode my bike into work for the first time, today. I woke up extra early, met my brother-in-law in the traffic circle in the center of our neighborhood, and biked downtown, racing the train, til the last station before the big hills. Then we got on the train all the way to Beaverton, then rode to the office.

I had lunch with Cory and his kids, and we went for a nature walk, and happily saw a nutria. Rode home again, which took the same amount or less time than driving. Made smoothies, prepped veggies, marinated the tempeh, and started to grill. When I went to check on everything, the flame was out. Erik had accidentally left the propane tank on when he cleaned the grill a few days ago, so there was only enough fuel to start teasing us with lovely flames. I finished up in the oven.

I also hung the telescoping mirror in the bathroom (which we bought at IKEA many months ago), watered the back garden beds, prepped the filling for potstickers for a solstice picnic on Friday, and finished tidying the garage by rearranging everything into its final location. Now there's room to move around, and nothing is more than two layers deep. I was too tired to install the hooks to hang our bikes, though. Erik and I also went on a little photography walk down to the train tracks.