x every day: onehundredfiftyfive

19 June 2008


Whoops, that's never happened before. I guess I just had such a crazy day that I was all out of whack. I had the entry open, and the photo uploaded, but I forgot to write the day's entry.

The day started with my uncle's photo and accompanying article detailing his crimes on the front page of his local newspaper. I also suffered through some truly crazy driving behavior on the way to work, which shook me up a bit. There were enough emergencies in the first half of the work day that I didn't get to my favorite yoga class, and for both of you who read this, you know how cranky I get when I don't exercise. The rest of the day went smoothly, and Erik even went for a run with me when I got home. Julie brought takeout from Ken's Artisan Pizza, which we ate in the backyard. Then she and I walked down to a lovely, gnarled construction site to take photos til the light failed.