x every day: onehundredtwentysix

22 May 2008


A normal day, although I really struggled to get motivated to go for a run. I put into words for the first time my method of motivation, and it was illuminating enough that I'd like to explore further. I did go for a run, but it felt as bad as I imagined, and near the start I ran past a dead cat in the road who looked exactly like Kenard. I panicked and couldn't catch my breath. I knew it couldn't be him, but the slightest possibility that he might have slipped into my car and jumped out in Beaverton was too much.

Once into the forest of Tualatin Hills Nature Park, a tiny rabbit jumped up the path in front of me and off into the brush. It was like the universe trying to soothe me for the earlier indiscretion.

After work I met Donna at the Japanese Garden. Soft rain made for an authentic Spring experience. We ate dinner at Bara to complete our Japanese experience, then went to my house and watched-- most of? half of?-- "Drunken Master." I made my always-improving mix of Dream tea, and we all got sleepy. A lovely evening, of course.