x every day: onehundredten

05 May 2008


We're into Spring Tease #3. Today was gorgeous-- smell of warmth in the air, the leaf tunnel of my street in lacy tenderness, and an ecstatic feeling in the chest of every Portlander right at the edge of rain tolerance. I wore a new pair of cute shoes to work today, and they tore up my feet. They were only $13, so they're right out the door. Consequently, I didn't go for a walk or to the gym. I had a meeting outside (now that the tables and chairs are out) and ate lunch outside, and after work Julie and I went for pedicures on the way to the Collins' Cinco de Mayo party. There's a story to the last party, but it's short and rather uninteresting. Suffice to say that I felt that I emerged triumphant.