x every day: onehundredeight

04 May 2008


I woke up extra early to meet at Sara's house for a six mile run up Mount Tabor. Don't worry, the mountainous part was only a mile, and it's more of a glorified hill. Sara and I carpooled to West Linn for our LunaChix meeting.

Erik and I went for donuts (and a scallion-bacon be-creamcheesed salt bagel) at Sweet Pea. I guess that was lunch.

Then I went shopping, looking for a dress to wear to a wedding at the end of the month. I started in the Pearl and hit four or five places in about 45 minutes. On to Lloyd Center, where I found two pairs of shoes for $13 each. I now have more shoes than I'm comfortable owning, but they're all so cute. Crap. What will I do?

I spent some time at Portland Nursery, where I nerded out and interloped in a few vegetable plant decision-making conversations. It's just that no one should buy lettuce starts-- seeds are just as easy and one-tenth the cost. At any rate, I shelled out for some bright flowers for pots on the steps to our front door.

Erik and I tried Vahn Han for dinner-- a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant run by nuns. The plan was to go see a movie, but Aspen offered to get us into the improv show in which he was a judge. We went to that instead, which was both cheaper and more fun.