x every day: ninetysix

20 April 2008


I woke up at 6am and then again at 7, thinking-- Hurrah, I beat jetlag! Then I woke up again at 9am, through a mental haze thick and dark as condensed tomato soup still in the can. I was meeting Ted and Julie for breakfast at 9:30.

Anyways, I did nothing today. Watched "Showdown in Little Tokyo" again. Put up a few photos. Took a nap around 2pm, walked to Palio and then to New Seasons for grocery shopping. Cleaned out the fridge of all the stuff that became stinky while we were gone. Made dinner. Now I'm waiting to get sleepy. It's 3:30pm Monday afternoon in Tokyo. I should be exhausted from walking for four hours at this point in the day.