x every day: ninetyfive

19 April 2008


I'm back. In the States, in Portland, on my couch. It feels simultaneously like I never left, and like I've been gone for one hundred years. Wow, typing that last phrase made me want to listed to the similarly-titled Cure song.

Although our flight departed at 3pm, we arrived at 8am the same morning. Going back in time means that I have a whole weekend ahead of me, stretching into a nice amount of time to undo some vicious jetlag. I also weighed myself to see if my loose pants were just stretched out from wear. Nope. Two weeks of mostly onigiri plus eight hours of walking a day and no strength exercise has added up to losing about five pounds. It is so nice to return and catch up on some of my favorite Portland restaurant blogs-- to read about delicious-sounding food! I'm trying to get up the energy to hit the farmers market, but I don't think it'll happen. Time appears to be flying by, at least from this couch vantage point.