x every day: ninetyfour

04 April 2008


My work day was incredibly stressful. I only worked nine hours, but it was packed from beginning to end, and I still didn't get to do the main two things I was supposed to do all week-- barely had time to touch them. I bailed on everything this evening, because I woke up (er, tossed and turned most of the night) feeling awful, achy, sore-throated. My right side neck lymph nodes are swollen and painful. I planted two kinds of beets, carrots, and lettuce seed mixes out in the raised beds, as well as copper fennel seeds next to the lupin in the far back. I hope they're all sprouted and exciting upon my return. I have so much to pack into three hours tomorrow. Of course. We still haven't quite decided whether or not we're bringing our laptop, so there should be these boring blog entries, but there might not be a photo of the day for quite some time. For the handful of you who read this, you'll be in mind on my travels.