x every day: Japan day 9

16 April 2008

Woke up lateish, met up with Chie at Tenjin, the downtown shopping area. We spent the whole afternoon shopping, having her guidance to purchase things we had seen and wanted, like traditionally printed scarves, rice paper for blotting one's face, a woodsy condiment made of yuzu (Japanese lemon) that we had at the best sushi meal ever. Chie knew the place, of course. Somewhere you'd never get in if you didn't read Japanese because it looked like a hole in the wall but turned out to be a lovely spot with sunken seating, a bright open window, and a type of vegetable I had never tried.

After lunch we headed out to... Yusentei Garden. I think that's the name. It was lovely, peaceful, and unique because it was built as someone's actual garden-- not put together just to have a Japanese garden in a park somewhere. We pretty much got kicked out of there, since we arrived late and it closed at 5pm. We headed back into town, did some more shopping, and then ate at a tiny tempura stall, all taken care of by Chie ordering for us. Delish. Back to the hotel with some fun drinks from the convenience store, and we had ourselves a packing party.