x every day: Japan day 9

15 April 2008

We met Chie at a subway station, took a bus to the ferry, the ferry to Nokonoshima Island, then a bus up to the flower park. It was amazing-- perched at the top of the mountain that is the island, swaths of flowers the same hue stretching in all directions of eye searing beauty. It was our first sunny, nice spring day, too. We played on the the playground equipment, fed the bunnies and goats, and played exotic rock stars to 16 year old Japanese school girls. They really liked Josh and Erik. One of the most charming things was buying oranges grown on the island from an old woman who picked them. It was so nice to have some fresh fruit. At the ferry terminal on the island, there was a cafe with coffee from beans grown on the island, too. Sooo nice.

Back on the mainland, we walked to the tallest ferris wheel in the world, and went for a turn. We shopped at the mall there and played the taiko drum video game, then met up with Chie's boyfriend Aaron for Indian curry. Afterwards we ripped through Canal City, browsing til it closed at 9pm.