x every day: sixtytwo

02 March 2008


Ran a late and muddy eight miles on Leif Erickson with Kevin. The sun burned through and my body felt that it was evening, with the sun slanting low from behind the West Hills. When I got home I baked the leftover frozen cinnamon rolls from the batch I made the previous week. The texture was a bit off, and I overcooked them, so I still have to experiment to find a way to keep extra cinnamon rolls for later baking when I go through the pain of making the dough.

A bit before 1pm, Erik and I got it together and left for the coast. We drove to Neskowin, getting lost and stopping at a few viewpoints along the way. It was stunning, peaceful, wondrous, although freezing because you have to wade a knee-deep (on me) fast moving creek to get to the ghost-forested part of the beach. Once we were wet and sandy, we kept our shoes off, but it was freezing, especially with the tide coming in. We took tons of photos, and the deal-breaker came when the beach became too rocky to safely wander barefoot. We returned to the car, bought some hot tea, and decided on a lark to drive up to Manzanita for the best pizza in Oregon. We stopped along the way a few times for sunset viewpoints. While waiting for our pizza, we had a glass of wine at Vino, a cozy wine bar we had never noticed just off the main street. We got home at 9pm, a little late with the rough dark, headlight-blinded drive, but it was worth it for the perfect adventure day.