x every day: sixtythree

03 March 2008


A day like any other. What stands out? I convinced a swimming buddy to go for a run. It was gently misting, and we wove our way through Tualatin Nature Park, which was quite lovely. Traffic was shockingly light on the way home, and I talked to my brother as he drove his girlfriend's moving van towards Amarillo, TX, where they're spending tonight. They expect to arrive in Phoenix tomorrow by dinner time. Julie didn't need a ride to the airport (from me) but she got there very early. I made Panang curry for dinner, using a new curry paste of which I am now not particularly fond. Erik and I watched "30 Days of Night," which surprised us with its enjoyability. I remembered at a late moment to call my mom for her birthday. She actually got my card today-- perfect! Erik and I went to see British Sea Power at the Doug Fir, and they were nearly abysmal. An opener, ColorBlock, actually sounded a lot better.

Here's a sneak peak for both of my blog readers. I took this February 28th, since I had the camera during daylight and I knew it was just about my only chance to take a Femuary portrait. You see, just as during Manuary, men must grow their facial hair, during Femuary, women must grow their leg hair. Only I don't think I'll be getting an award, as no one dared to join me. Not that it was a difficult proposition for me; rather, an extra excuse. At any rate, here is my private ode to Femuary.

I changed the timestamp of this post back one hour, to make it show up as the correct day.