x every day: sixtyeight

08 March 2008


Ran six miles with Bob on Leif Erickson from Germantown Road. Went with Donna and Erik to Bob's Red Mill for breakfast (we tried splitting dishes but it was still too much food!) and from there went to the Fu Bonn mall, perused a tea shop, Erik tasted Asian beers, Donna took care of my cart, and I danced around in new-food-item heaven. Yes, there is such a heaven-- it's cloud eight.

Back at our house, Donna did the main work for making banana bread while I scatterbrained about. Is that what "brambling" means as a verb? We definitely need more words for this.

Where was I? Oh yeah, played with the cats, went for a walk down to the river and along the Springwater Trail. We rushed back, then Erik & I went to an ex-coworker's party. Their house was super nifty, with a double bewaterfalled pond in the back, a room with bird skeletons in ziplock bags pinned to the wall, and a cedar-lined basement with a projector showing David Byrne. Lucky for them my eye started bothering me and I got panicky, else they'd have had to pry-bar me outta there.