x every day: forty

09 February 2008


Actual post time 12:24am.

Woke up at 5am, couldn't fall back to sleep until 7. I thought of a million things, like the fact that we should call the bank to tell them we'll be taking out lots of cash in Japan in April, since the country infamously doesn't take credit cards and our bank has an odd kibosh on transactions over $300.

Got up in a rush at 8am to meet Erik's parents for breakfast at 8:30. Left in a rush from there to take Ted to the airport. Went to IKEA, back to Ted's house, then for a quick recon where Food Fight used to be (Yarnia, the architectural salvage store, Loprenzi's, Marino Cafe). Walked to New Seasons for a card and lunch. Went to a baby shower then shopping at the overblown outdoor amusement park mall nearby. Went to dinner then over to the house of an old friend who's out of town, to play Apples to Apples. The old dogs who lived there farted so thoroughly that the game was all but ruined and we left around midnight.