x every day: threehundredfiftysix

07 January 2009


We dropped Kylie at the vet this morning, after finding a pool of urine dripped down from Erik's folded pants with five-inch crystals in it. I've heard of crystals in urine, but I've never seen huge crystals. We picked her up after work and the vet hadn't found anything, but they gave us pain meds for her odd limping (which she didn't do while there-- like us, she pretends to be well to try to leave quicker).

I ran six miles at lunch time, and it rained so hard that when I entered the locker room, people stared and pulled away, and my hair was wetter than the hair of people coming out of the showers. I had to use the hairdryer, which I would say is the second time in my life, but I'm probably forgetting one. So: third time using a hairdryer.

After work and bringing Kylie home, we went to Erik's parents' house for dinner and gift exchange. I got so many lovely teas and some fun kitchen accessories, including a mug featuring my nephews. Unfortunately, Andrew was jealous of his father's present from us and spent a while crying about it-- asking us why we didn't get him the same thing. I think he's tired or sick, because it was intense. Gabriel and Wall-E the puppy made up for it by being sweet and enthusiastic.