x every day: threehundredtwentysix

07 December 2008


I finally tried the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen recipe for a single tofu "omelet." Of course I forgot the salt (a cardinal sin for me!) so I had to stir it in after I had already poured the batter into the pan, and it came out more of a scramble than an omelet. Erik went to his brother's house for his whole family's weekly crepe breakfast, and I walked over there to meet him and hang out while they ate.

Erik and I went to the Hillsdale farmers' market, then up to North Portland for a waffle from Flavour Spot and a short little walk at Kelley Point Park. Back home, we put up more lights on the outside of the house (and the apricot tree) and puttered around. At Erik's suggestion, we made a cake together and also tag-teamed dinner: rotis (from scratch!) and a Jamaican-style curry with jerk faux chicken, sweet plantains, potatoes, green beans and corn. It turned out really nice and I was proud of our rotis.