x every day: threehundredthirtythree

14 December 2008


Snow! And a ten mile run, in that order. The roads were already being shut down on my way home, so it took an extra long time and I never felt warm even with the heat blasting at 80 degrees. When I finally got home and had a long, hot shower, I made roasted potatoes and scrambled tofu for a breakfast burrito-- quite a treat. We watched "Silent Hill" (terrible but kindof fun) and hung out, staying toasty in the house. We went for a walk in the evening, and made pizza for dinner. I finally revived the leftover gingerbread dough I froze from our fabulous gingerbread house last year, and made cookies with it. With a gooey creamcheese frosting, they were delicious. Now that's a snow day.