x every day: threehundredthirtyone

12 December 2008


I am exhausted. Not new for the past few weeks, I know. Work was dense, but not a stressful panic like yesterday. I got my stuff done, and when I didn't feel like going out for a run (my clothes were still wet from yesterday's evening run, and I hadn't bothered to bring clean/dry/additional clothes) so I took the easy route and used the elliptical machine for half an hour. It was nice to read one of those fashion magazines; haven't done that in ages.

After a two hour meeting, during which the weather did some amazing schizophrenic feats of light, dark, cloud and sun, when I was about ready to leave work I had a visual migraine. Then I had a couple more crucial tasks come in, and they took me an extra long time because I couldn't really see. Since I was chatting with a friend while the migraine came on, I took the time to describe it. After the initial sweep of missing vision, the growing after image was like a snake, horizontal with an outline of flashing rainbow diagonal lines. It lengthened towards the left and eventually went from color to greyscale.

By the time I finished and left work, the Lounge was over (happy hour with Retail IT, who are some great people) so I went straight to the employee store to exchange Erik's shoes for a half-size larger. Then I sat in traffic on the way home while Erik made faux-chicken noodle soup. I finished the dish by making biscuits, which I floated on top of the soup and baked in the pot, in the oven. The baking took longer and on higher heat than the recipe for the biscuits called for (they were part of a leek and bean soup in Veganomicon) but it turned out great. I also made a special herbal tea for Erik's sore throat (he left work early today because he felt so crappy) and mango-strawberry frozen yogurt. I am thankful for comfort food and nights relaxing on the couch.