x every day: threehundredthirtyeight

19 December 2008


More snow today. It doesn't get old, because I'm fortunate in that I can leave late and avoid the traffic snarls. Kari, Claudine and I went out for sushi for our little department holiday outing. I might be officially tired of sushi, at least for a little while.

After work I stopped by the IT lounge and headed home to pretty up a bit before going to Erik's work's holiday party. It was in a fancy old bank building, down in the basement. In the corner of the area with all of the tables and chairs was a huge vault door. I wonder if it's used for storage.

After eating some leftovers and baking cookies, we watched the third "Mummy" movie-- which was awful-- and I repaired the lining of my beloved green coat. I can't believe I bought this coat nearly eleven years ago, in early 1998. It's still exactly my style, although so much else I wear has toned down. And it definitely fits a bit tighter in the arms.