x every day: threehundredfortyfive

27 December 2008


Today we took it easy. I had my leftover pizza for breakfast, and we drove out to Kerikeri to see the chocolate factory (disappointing), go for a walk near the Stone Store (lovely), go to the grocery (awesome-- a soy yogurt mix pack and fun vegetarian items to try), eat lunch in town (Cafe Zest, which was horribly overwhelmed by customers but the Zest burger was delicious), tour the absolutely stunning garden of a craft shop (lifted from Thailand and Bali, with very affordable buddhas everywhere amongst the bromeliads), and indulge at a natural skin care shop. After a rest at the hostel we went to the local hot springs ($5 NZD or less than $3 USD each) and tried each of the eight pools in the lovely rustic setting, then came back, made dinner (grilled bread and rosemary veggie sausages), walked into Paihia town for an ice cream and walked back along the beach. Tomorrow we have a long drive ahead of us, to Coromandel.