x every day: threehundredthirteen

24 November 2008


I woke up at 4am PST to catch a 6am flight to Atlanta. That was tough. Of course, once I got out of the house it was a matter of mechanics. No traffic at that time, great parking in long-term, found the tunnel to the airport for the first time, flight wasn't bad, etc. Arrived in ATL, found a cab who got me straight to the hotel. And then I took some time to-- as they say-- freshen up. At that point I lost it a bit.

When I finally got over to the mall I was determined to eat something, although I felt strangely not hungry. For such a fancy mall, food options were dismal. I had a Subway veggie delite sandwich. Then I stumbled around til I found the store, and got to work. It was surprisingly easy and enjoyable, and I can't wait til tomorrow when I get to take the still-life merchandising shots.

Eric showed up, we chatted, I grabbed a coffee, and we walked to a vegan restaurant about two miles away. It wouldn't have been that far but for the giant construction site that obliterated a road we were supposed to follow. The food was decent, but the conversation was good. We walked back a slightly different route, saw some truly baffling/awesome signs/sculptures, and chatted more. It was nice to have a friend in Atlanta for such a quick, odd jaunt.

I just chatted with Erik for a while and it felt like we were side-by-side on the couch. Too bad the cats don't use the phone too. It was very comforting.