x every day: threehundredten

22 November 2008


I was slow this morning because Erik left for work before I even got up, and I had to put up a photo from yesterday. The most popular sample sale of the year occurred in our building today, and there was a huge line through the building almost out the front door. The morning went by in a blur as I made plans to fly to Atlanta on Monday to take store photos. It's a dream come true-- I'm being flown somewhere for photography!

Kari and I went to an early showing of the "Twilight" movie (fun and a decent interpretation, although one of the characters was hilariously bad), and then finished up a few things at work before going to my running buddies' book club and on to 80s videos dancing at the Crystal Ballroom. I left the house at 8am this morning, and got home just after midnight. The day's been long but enjoyable.