x every day: threehundredone

12 November 2008


Kari and I went to a sample sale today, which mostly involved waiting in line. That was my whole lunchtime break, so I didn't get to run or work out today. I did have to stay late to finish a project, and then the drive home took more than an hour in thick traffic-- not because of an accident or anything, although an ambulance passed by when I was almost to the tunnel on 26, and more be-sirened vehicles streamed by when I cut through downtown. I finally had the scratch wonton soup for dinner tonight, perfect night for it. And an umeboshi/shiso onigiri. And a warmed blueberry hand-pie with some vanilla ice cream. Livin'!

I read through a chapter of my learning to draw book, wrote a page in my paper journal, and then spent some time with a set-up to try to photograph water drops, which didn't work. Once Erik got home from the awards dinner he went to with coworkers at the Portland Art Museum, I chatted with Julie and researched our trip plans, and made reservations to fly directly from Nelson to Auckland on our last day. I am utterly thrilled to not have to fly through Wellington, and to spend an extra day in Nelson rather than driving six hours across the south island to Christchurch.