x every day: threehundredfive

16 November 2008


I don't have much to report. More of the same, I guess. We lolled a bit, went out for lunch to escape the house, and returned to clean the gutters and moss-out the roof. While Erik was cleaning the main gutter, I saw a tiny movement and realized that there was either a mole or a mouse outside of our neighbors' house. It was a mouse, a cute one. I'm not sure I've seen a mouse outside like that-- plenty of rats, and plenty of mice in houses, but not one hanging out just outside of a house as such. It wasn't particularly bothered with us, either.

Then we both went to work for a couple of hours, and sat in Erik's parents' hot tub before coming home to make barbeque broiled chicken, roasted baby potatoes, and my kale specialty. So yes Cory, I have a specialty. Fancy Southern collards-style kale. We walked up to Shetha's house and Erik hung out to keep an eye/ear on a sleeping Gabriel while Shetha and I went up to St John's to take photos at the lovely be-neoned Signal Pizza shop, which used to be a classy 50s gas station. Walking back from Shetha's, Erik and I stopped for tea at Palio. He's in bed now, so the sleep tea must've worked.