x every day: twohundredfortynine

21 September 2008


Woke up at the luxurious hour of 8am, read in bed, went to Paradox for breakfast with Julie. We went to Portland Nursery, the Hillsdale Farmers' Market, then to Fred Meyer for pumpkins. Somehow time blurred in the middle of the day; Julie helped me tidy in the kitchen. We had a snack of "Dutch tacos" at Flavour Spot before Julie went to volunteer at Plant Nerd Night and I went home to use my slow cooker for the first time-- I made a minestrone-esque soup with tomatoes, carrots, green beans, and herbs from my garden, and onions from Bob's garden. I also put everything that's been in pots in the front yard in the ground. I picked up Erik from work (he worked the entire weekend at the office) and we got everything from my grocery list before coming home to dinner.