x every day: twohundredfiftyfive

27 September 2008


Ran twenty miles, took an ice bath, went to Sweet Pea for my doughnut fix. They were out of bagels, however, so we went to Fat Straw for bagel sandwiches and bubble tea. Back home I think I got half an hour of yard work in before harvesting a boatload of tomatoes and having to start a big batch of sauce. We went over to Dan & Abby's to pick up a kombucha start. We hung out for a bit, drinking kombucha, checking our their lovely vegetable garden, and playing with Dagan.

We stopped by Fit Right NW so I could use the gift certificate I won for our Portland Tri aid station (I bought toe socks and "The Stick"), and then bumbled over to Hillsboro for dosas at a place recommended in "Portland Monthly." En route I waited for 25 minutes on home with iPhone service, got redirected to AT&T and they solved my SMS/txting issue-- they had "opted out" of multimedia services. Thanks guys! Of course right after that my network connection stopped working, and when I called back all of the customer services are closed til Monday morning.