x every day: twohundredtwentyone

24 August 2008


Oh golly. I slept in til 8am. That was wonderful, until the cats noticed that I was awake. I made coffee and waited til my dad got back from church, and then he and I met Julie at Junior's for breakfast. Ted then started through my list of house projects I've needed help with-- breaking down the old yard waste bin, buying everything to replace the sink upstairs, and demoing out the old one (which was way more of a hassle than it had any right to be-- the cabinet was build better than anything else the last owners did to this house). Anyhow, I also did a titch of yardwork, took out the trash and recycling twice, and discovered that the main catbox was turned so that the opening was against the wall, meaning that the cats couldn't use it an overloaded the upstairs box instead. Oddly, I'm tired.