x every day: twohundredtwentyfour

27 August 2008


I went to the ophthalmologist who specializes in contact lenses today. He had a student with him, and they did way more tests and looked at a my eyes a lot more than anyone else had. They used the yellow dye (to check for cornea scratches), which the previous ophthalmologist had done, but they also used a lovely bright green one (to test mucus, I think) and I was so excited about the color that they let me look in the mirror.

I now wish that the whites of my eyes were the greens of my eyes.

Alas, it only lasts for three minutes. They didn't really discover anything, but we have a plan of attack. Work droned on today; I have two writing assignments that I should be excited about but am dreading. I came straight home after picking Erik up from work, to our new blender and a cleaned house. I made salsa mac & "cheese" with my own salsa and the cheezy sauce from veganyumyum. For dessert I made strawberry frozen yogurt with frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, a container of vanilla soy yogurt, and a tablespoon of agave nectar dumped into the blender. It was crazy amazing, or crazmazing as I like to say. So damn good you wouldn't believe it. I did other exciting household tasks like three loads of laundry, tidying up from guests over the weekend, and figuring out how to hang our framed artwork in the living room. I got the top row all hung, but next comes the part I hate-- putting nails in the walls.