x every day: twohundredseven

10 August 2008


Another night when I can't fall asleep, wake up a handful of times, then awaken for good long before it's necessary. I got out of bed shortly after 6am for a 16 mile run starting at the Germantown Road side of the Leif Erickson trail.

Perhaps the toughest thing about the run was that the Bridgepedal was concurrent. Getting up to the trailhead was a bit of the pain, but getting home was really a pain. I picked up Donna around noon, and we ate brunch at Vita. The food was good and the company excellent.

I came home to Erik not feeling well, but we ran a bunch of errands, then did chores around the house. We cut mats for two posters with our new mat cutter, which is easy to use but really tough to measure accurately for.