x every day: twohundrednine

12 August 2008


I woke up before the alarm of course, which was set extra early for my 7am dentist appointment. I had three facings replaced, two of which had fallen off. They're meant to repair worn enamel from grinding, but one had popped off in less than a year, probably from excessive grinding. Where's the use in that?

They didn't use any numbing agent, which was interesting. Painful, but not in a sharp wait. Quite bearable, and then it was easier afterwards to not have a numbed face.

I got to work on time, but didn't do much more than tag, title and reorganize old photos-- mostly New Zealand and Cambodia. Kari and I went to yoga class and ate lunch outside watching the Olympics on the jumbotron since our meeting was canceled.

After a 15 mile LunaChix bike ride, Erik surprised me with peanut noodles (with faux chicken and spinach) for dinner as I arrived home, then we met Kari and Steve at Bridgeport for quiz night. We pulled ahead from ninth to fifth place at the end, and the final jeopardy question was one that harkened back to my 10th grade trip to the supercomputing convention that debuted the first graphical browser (sorry, Mosaic doesn't really count), Netscape.