x every day: onehundredninetyone

26 July 2008


This morning, after a late start we drove to the Dutch Brother's coffee cart in Coos Bay, and grabbed hummus, bread and bananas at the grocery store in the parking lot of which said coffee cart stood. We drove back north over the McCullough Bridge to the Horsfall Beach area to try to find the New Carrissa shipwreck, but after much search and a false start or two, we just couldn't find the trail. We headed north from that parking lot to do a wetlands trail created by Weyerhauser, but after finding the rather inconspicuous trailhead, we heard the odd siren sound of a coyote call just a few yards into the path, and turned right back around.

We made for Cape Arago, which was said to have the best tidepools in all of Oregon. Almost to the cape, within the park, I pulled over at a viewpoint and we saw and heard the rompings of sea lions. At Cape Arago, we walked around the viewpoint parking lot, then on the advice of a guy there took the trail down to the South Cove and scrambled over rocks to view the tidepools. We only saw two starfish, the occasional hermit crab, and rather solitary sea anemones, so I was disappointed in its display for Sara.

South again, we drove through Bandon's old town, got lost on the jetty, and stopped at Face Rock Wayside. Sara could see the face, but I couldn't. We drove up, parked, and snapped photos at Port Orford Heads, grabbed a snack at Mother's health food store in Port Orford, stopped at Gold Beach's Biscuit Bookstore (the health food store was closed), Cape Sebastian, pulled over a few times through Brookings, watched the sun set over Crescent City's lighthouse from the jetty, and then booked it here to Arcata after stopping for gas in Trinidad when the miles-left-on-the-tank readout started flashing three lines.