x every day: onehundredeighty

14 July 2008


=Sigh= One of those days. Some meetings, not able to get much done. I went for a walk after lunch and saw a snake-- first one of the year. After work I went for a swim. My triathlon is coming up in less three weeks, and the swim still worries me a bit, so I decided to swim a half mile all at once. It was exhausting! And in a pool, with 16 laps or 32 lengths, you have 32 little chances to rest and kick off-- something that open water does not afford.

The swim was extra difficult because my neck is still stiff and sore on the left side, so every other breath was a pain. I tried the hot tub after my swim to loosen it up, but the jets didn't reach that high and the chlorine was so intense that it actually hurt my skin when I got in. Hm. Then I scraped my ankle-- the one I didn't scrape on Thursday on my bike-- getting out.

I got a txt from Katy about dinner tonight, which I had forgotten. Erik, Katy, her friend Daniel and I met downtown and ate at Vegetarian House. As I was crossing the street and hanging up the phone from Julie accidentally calling me, I tripped on an odd curb, tried to catch myself, and flew into the road. The same wrist as last weekend's bike accident got it, and my poor, lovely, new iPhone also hit the deck. Erik helped me out of the street but I only wanted to make sure it was okay. We've tried to find covers for the new iPhone, but none are out yet for another few weeks. Luckily I kept the original plastic sheeting on, so that was scraped up and only two metal corners were all scuffed. It still works.